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Why Should I Buy a Performance Exhaust System?

Fuel Economy

Unless you've got your own oil well pumping out barrels of crude in your backyard, chances are you are feeling the pinch at the pump due to the rising costs of gasoline. While it might sound too good to be true that you can get better fuel economy from a performance exhaust system along with serious power boosts, its true. Because the same overall improvements that lead to greater performance are improving your engine's overall efficiency.
You see, when the exhaust is flowing unrestricted down wider pipes with the right amount of vacuum left behind to keep the cycle running smoothly, your cylinders empty themselves of more and more waste gases. And when there are fewer impurities in the cylinder, your mixture of gas and oxygen burns purer, giving you greater horsepower. These straight forward improvements in efficiency from a performance exhaust system can result in up to a 4% overall increase in fuel economy, saving you every time your fuel gauge gets closer towards "EMPTY."

Horsepower and Torque

In case you didn’t take an Auto Class in high school, We will give you a quick lesson on the mysterious inner-workings of your engine's cylinders. Without cylinders, your vehicle could not run because horsepower is generated in the cylinders through a process, called combustion.
First, the cylinder draws in a mixture of oxygen and fuel (gasoline or diesel) into cylinder chamber, where it is then ignited by a spark plug or glow stick. These three ingredients (oxygen, fuel, and spark) create a controlled explosion, or combustion, which generates both energy and waste gases. That energy transforms into wheel-turning torque to propel your car down the road, but the exhaust is a cloud of useless particles that would clog up your engine if left in the piston chamber.
The spent gases are exhaled, traveling out of the engine through your exhaust system, and they eventually exit out the back of your vehicle. The faster the exhaust gets out the easier it is for your engine to breathe, which means more horsepower, torque!
The problem with a factory exhaust system is that it isn’t optimized for the best possible flow. Your motor has to work harder during combustion, which robs you of valuable horsepower, torque and fuel economy. A performance exhaust system will increase the power that your engine can put out. Our performance exhaust systems can improve your power by:


A restriction in your exhaust system is anything that slows the flow of gases that are spent from your engine to your exhaust system. Poorly bent pipes or multiple bend pipes and Factory mufflers are the leading cause of power-robbing restrictions. This type of exhaust is quick and easy for the manufacturers, but it causes massive restrictions in your pipes and muffler because they reduce the pipe's diameter. This may not sound all that dramatic, but look at it like this, what occurs when a busy freeway goes from 4 lanes down to 1? A terrible traffic jam! The same thing happens with your exhaust. The waste gases slow down when they hit a restrictive muffler, or an exhaust pipe with too many bends which clogs up the whole system. In automotive industry, this exhaust gas traffic jam is called back pressure. Some systems have a large pipe system and then put a muffler with baffles (inner tubing used to disperse sound) in it that are reduced down 2 or even 3 sizes smaller!
There is, however, a more efficient way to make an exhaust system for your vehicle. We use mufflers that have large baffles and don’t use excessive bends in the tubing, our hand-made performance exhaust systems are formed with larger than factory diameter tubing and we have also been trained to use a unique bending style that eliminates the use of multiple bends to form the pipe. Also if you prefer the brand name kits, we can order them also. Performance kits use larger tubing. So what makes larger tubing so much better? This extra diameter of the tubing is like an express highway for your exhaust, eliminating the back pressure in stock systems that steal your power and torque. All of our performance exhaust manufacturers, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Flo-Pro, Super V, bend their systems for awesome flow and peak performance.


Besides how your pipes are bent, their actual size affects how much horsepower your engine can deliver to your power-hungry tires. Always looking to cut costs, auto manufacturers often skimp on the exhaust, using piping that's barely bigger than a straw. While this might shave a few bucks off the sticker price, it diminishes your overall horsepower and torque.
With our performance exhaust system, you get larger pipes that allow the maximum amount of exhaust to flow through. This release of your spent gases dramatically improves your system's overall efficiency.
Now, the diameter will vary greatly based on your engine size and type. A cat-back exhaust system for a Honda will be much smaller than a diesel exhaust system for a Dodge Ram 3500. But, bigger is not always better. A good performance exhaust system's tubing is properly sized and tested for your particular vehicle.


Performance exhaust systems not only provide a faster escape route for your spent gases, they're also tuned to pull along straggling fumes through the pipes. That's right; our custom made or bolt-on performance exhaust systems greatly improve engine scavenging. Engine scavenging is a lot like an internal exhaust siphon. As the exhaust gases shoot down an unrestricted, properly sized exhaust pipe, they leave a vacuum in their wake. This vacuum sucks the exhaust out of the next cylinder, and each new burst of fumes creates its own vacuum, so the process repeats itself until you shut-off your vehicle.

Combined Effects

What do you get when you mix radically-reduced restrictions, properly-sized piping and engine scavenging? A performance exhaust system that delivers full-throttle horsepower throughout the RPM range. You can expect to see real gains of up to 25 extra horsepower pulsing through your engine, as well as massive torque increases up to 60 ft lbs!